UFC Vegas: Angela Hill and Mackenzie Dern are motivated after tight defeats.

When she sees her 15-12 MMA record, Angela Hill grimaces. Her 9-12 non-UFC record makes her frown even more.

"It makes me look like a 50/50 fighter, and I know I'm not," Hill added. You know, I fight only the best? 15-12, not 22-5.

"This isn't who I am as a fighter, but it's what they'll announce me before the fight," he says.

She faces Mackenzie Dern in the main event of UFC Vegas 73 at Apex in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Dern's 12-3, but she thinks it might be better.

Each woman enters the match hoping to forget the close decisions that went against them and go on a streak that would put them in position to fight for the championship sooner rather than later.

When a boxer loses on dubious judgements, there are additional factors. Most MMA competitors receive half their compensation for showing up and the other half if they win.

Hill is shocked by her losses.

She called it "a lot of money." "I didn't get into this sport for the money, and when I started fighting, I never thought it would be my main job," he said.

 I'm good. My coaches and teammates know how hard I work, and I guess what concerns me about so many of them is that losing is worse than losing money.

"That's a lot of money, but it's money I never had.

 I wish the album was different, and a lot of people, not just myself, feel the same way."