NASA has finally given the green light to its highly anticipated Psyche deep-space mission.

With a budget of approximately $985 million, the mission aims to explore an asteroid named Psyche

which is abundant in valuable metals. In fact, the asteroid's mineral wealth has been estimated to be worth an astonishing $10 quadrillion

The Psyche mission's launch window closed before the spacecraft's flight software was ready, causing a delay from the original 2022 target.

Psyche's launch, planned for October 2022 atop a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket

was postponed due to spacecraft flight software issues.

Psyche mission faced setbacks due to COVID-19 restrictions, staffing, communication, and management issues.

NASA's Science Mission Directorate and JPL conducted an independent review after the delay.

The November review identified workforce issues at JPL as the primary cause of the delay.

The Psyche mission team is confident in the October 2023 launch and expects a high probability of success.

Psyche is believed to be a shattered planetesimal, potentially a partial core, according to NASA officials